Day 6: I Had The Craziest Dream










Outfit // Dress ~ En Crème // Army Green Jacket ~ Brandy Melville // Flower Headband ~ knitted by my mother (thanks mom if you’re reading this) // Black Hightops ~ Forever 21

Dear Reader,

This is an outfit I wore to an Earth Day fair on Sunday. I paired this red and purple floral dress with a white flower headband, green army jacket, and black platform shoes. I felt very earthy indeed with all the flower details and earth tones.

Here is Day 6 of my 21 Days Series.

And in case you missed the other days, I’ve linked them below:

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Day 6

I fell asleep on the train, and I had the craziest dream where the sky dripped onto us and didn’t make us blue, just clean. Where the newspapers listed people falling in love not casualties in some far off war. Where the subway cars weren’t just places for people to stick their gum under seats, but compartments that took us where we really wanted to be. Where the places we wanted to be weren’t always places. Where, sometimes, they were the in arms of another person. Where the flower shops closed on Sundays because all the people in love were still in love at the end of the week and didn’t need a rose bouquet to prove it.

And then I woke up and realized it wasn’t a dream at all. That was where I used to live.


Capture d’écran 2015-04-23 à 07.34.42


Capture d’écran 2014-11-22 à 15.05.14

Look how at peace this boy looks. This photo makes me so happy.


I want this book so badly.


The quote is sad but the flowers, beautiful.


Today, I saw you step on a rose.


I don’t understand this poem, but I still like it.

Capture d’écran 2014-11-22 à 15.05.28

I miss this place so much.


You’re a lot kinder in my dreams.


Fleurs = flowers in French.


We were all in heaven and didn’t even realize until we were already gone.

XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

P.S. Comment your favorite type of flower.

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Day 5: Ashamed Fingertips












Outfit // Overalls ~ Rokit London* // Cropped T ~ Rokit London* // Retro Sunglasses ~ Rokit London* // Jelly Sandals ~  ASOS //

Dear Reader,

The thing I love most about vintage clothing is that you’re always left wondering who the owner was before you. You wonder if it belonged to a lip-biting 17-year-old or a 30-something with an office job and a steep rent. It’s for this reason that I am obsessed with Rokit, an online vintage store based in London and am participating in their Best Dressed For Less Competition. My entry is a retro, 90’s inspired look complete with sunflower-printed overalls, pocketed blue crop top, cat-eye rimmed sunglasses, and black jelly sandals. I took this opportunity to dress up as I did at age 5 except with a more modern twist. Overalls and retro glasses have been all over high fashion runways recently, and I love the whimsical nature of both. To top it off, I was able to find both for around  40 £ total // Overalls: 25£ // Sunglasses: 15£. I’m so happy with the way this look turned out and would like to thank Rokit for this opportunity. To enter the competition, see details below:

Rokit and the Imperial War Museum’s ‘Fashion on a Ration’ exhibition are teaming up to challenge you to be best dressed for less! Show us your cheapest, best outfit to be in with a chance to win! Use #rokitbestdressedforless to enter, winners will be picked by the IWM! 1st Prize is tickets and a personal guided tour round the Fashion on a Ration exhibition by the curator Laura Dowling and an accompanying book, followed by drinks at 1940s themed bar Cahoots! 2nd  prize is tickets to the exhibition, a copy of the exhibition book and a £40 Rokit voucher. 3rd prize is tickets to the exhibition and accompanying book!

On a different note, here is Day 5 of my 21 Days Series.

And in case you missed the other days, I’ve linked them below: Day 1Day 2Day 3, Day 4

Day 5

I caught an early train at Penn Station, and just as I was speeding across some bridge at 100 miles an hour, bursting on towards Boston, Crooked Teeth started playing, and the whole city seemed to unfurl right in front of me. I saw it for what it was — a golden skyline built on sawdust and Adderall.

Cause at night the sun in retreat, Made the skyline look like crooked teeth

I saw all of the elementary school girls with ribbons in their hair and purity on their lips, all of the dripping faucets and tulips stretching upwards on rooftop gardens.

You’re so cute when you’re slurring your speech,

But they’re closing the bar and they want us to leave.

All of the poisoned youth and purple-skinned homeless and cracked bottles and broken-hearted carpenters.

There were churches, theme parks and malls, But there was nothing there all along.

All of the teenage girls covering their faces with peach cream and ashamed fingertips, all of the loose bricks and ungodly priests.

And none of it made any sense because it seemed to me that here was a city completely full of strange people and empty of complete strangers. How unfitting the word stranger is, when every broken-hearted carpenter and ungodly priest has a set of lungs and sees the same red in the August sky — how very similar we all are when it really comes down to it how very strange indeed.



Bonus Song:




Boy, do we. (Photo taken by Sydney.)


It is a world.


Vampire Weekend >>>> Wisdom/Youth


This makes me very sad, and I’m not quite sure why because it’s actually very cute.


Society’s ills.


Good good song.


I was trying to take a picture of the painting, but the girl in the white dress became the art.


Let the great world spin.

XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

P.S. Comment a song that makes you see the world differently.

*Disclaimer: The clothes in this post were sent to me by Rokit for free.*

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