All around the MoMA (New York Museum of Modern Art) are these wooden blinds which create the most distinct little shadows on the floors/walls. I actually ended up taking more photos of filtered light in there than of the art. I don’t want to bore you with all of them, but here are just a few of the ones that turned out best.


Instagram user @smoothliminal commented on my post of this photo saying these shadows ^ looked like bones and I quite agree.

IMG_1753.JPGIMG_1778.JPGIMG_1765.JPGFullSizeRender-5.jpgIMG_1762.JPGIMG_1754.JPGIMG_1736 2.JPGIMG_1717.JPGIMG_1651.JPGIMG_1649 (1).jpgIMG_1650.JPG

^if you live in New York, I highly recommend the Vine’s mint ginger lemonade and black cherry gelato.

Also while I’m making food suggestions a good friend from high school came to visit me in the city and introduced me to the most amazing, adorable cupcake shop. If you’re ever in the city, you must stop at Magnolia Bakery it is truly the real deal.

Dear Reader,

I have so many things to tell you. First of all, I have created a new page on my blog called Music Forum. This was inspired a reader who commented on one of my posts recommending that I watch the music video for Australia by the Shins. I did, and have been playing it on repeat for several days now. I’ve been a fan of their music for years, but never got around to watching their videos which are all so great. This particular one is quite the day brightener please go watch it when you finish reading this. But anyways, I’ll be posting songs from my current playlists on that page, and I encourage you to comment music suggestions, links to good music videos, screenshots of playlists, etc. Music is such an important part of my life and I don’t feel like my blog reflects that enough. And I am always always open to music suggestions I read through your comments every day and will be sure to check out the songs. And I will add suggestions I enjoy to the next playlist!

In other (not so new) news, I spent another afternoon in a museum. I had a meeting on the Upper East Side again at the ever lovely Bluestone Café and then headed over to the MoMA. There was this new exhibit that I loved so much ~ ^ all the photos of people closing/opening windows. For the longest time, this blog has focused mainly on writing and fashion, and I plan on continuing to post about both of those things, but I also want to start posting more frequently ~ hopefully twice/three times a week once summer arrives ~ about music/art/films/photography. All these things play such huge roles in my life and I don’t write/post nearly enough about them. So prepare yourself for more posts like these.

And finally, some very exciting news: I’ve been working with I’m In Marketing over the past few months to create an app for this blog, and we just completed the Android version. The iPhone app is still in the works, but if you have an Android and want to keep up with this blog in a more mobile way, give the app a download! You’ll get push notifications from yours truly, a forum where I’ll be more accessible than via email, and access to all of my posts/photos. Updates coming soon regarding the iPhone version:) Previews and download link below:

Click To Download! <3


Capture d’écran 2016-03-13 à 22.02.00Capture d’écran 2016-03-13 à 22.02.14

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Dear Reader,

I hope that if you had a spring break, it was lovely and productive. For mine, I caught a bus to Montreal to visit a dear friend from France and to see one of my absolute favorite bands perform (Death Cab for Cutie). It was truly the best week. Have some photos I took and stuff I wrote this month.


^ a lovely exhibition in the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art by Ragnar Kjartansson and The National, A Lot of Sorrow



March 5, 2016: When I woke up she was still sleeping. I slipped into her bathroom and blinked into her mirror hardly recognizing myself for the thick, purple strips materializing under my eyes like bruises on polaroid film. Aching from exhaustion among other things, I shut off the light. I’m going, I whispered to her, and she got out of bed and walked me upstairs. I stood in the foyer calling a car and she handed me a cold peach for the ride into Manhattan. I hugged her, promising we’d see each other soon. I stood outside, shivering slightly with that half-eaten peach twirling between my thumbs in the early spring air. I soon realized I’d left my coat inside, but she must have already fallen asleep by the time I did since she didn’t pick up her phone when I called.

That evening, a girl with long brown hair sat next to me, a girl I had known in another life. Pulling apart sour candy with her fingers, she leaned over and told me, « You know, you’re one of the few people I know who asks other people about themselves, and actually cares what they say back. » I stared back at her for a while, not knowing what to respond. I’d never met anyone who noticed, or at least, said anything about it. The air, which had been so difficult to swallow in the morning, tasted sweet that evening.


March 15, 2016: Every few months, I decide I need to spend the day in a museum. I don’t plan these days, ever, for they come of their own accord. And when they do, I drop everything — all plans, all engagements, all promises — to catch the subway uptown. Sometimes I look at paintings and see myself, reflected on the glossy surface, sure, but also somewhere underneath, somewhere deep below the strips of dark paint, the overexposed film. Sometimes I recognize myself better in art I’m seeing for the first time than in the photographs from home strung along my bedroom wall.

March 16, 2016: It’s always nice to talk to an old friend. Or maybe that’s not true. But it’s always nice to talk to him. « Just like old times, » we kept saying. It’s strange, I sometimes find myself looking back at horrible periods of my life with a kind of wary fondness.


^ a wall covered in CD’s with recordings of wind from all different parts of the world


March 18, 2016: « It used to be everything, but now it’s just a piece of paper. » He held his lighter to the receipt then, and slowly, methodically, the corners tinted brown, folded up towards the sky. When it finally caught flame, he dropped the strips into the snow where they tumbled into the Montreal afternoon. I found myself smiling. However awful it can be early on, once enough time passes there’s something oddly reassuring about losing touch with your past —  the places you’ve been, the friends you loved, and above all, the people you used to be.

March 19, 2016: We found ourselves in the midst of this one exhibit: a collection of screens with all sorts of musicians projected onto them. Guitarists and singers and violinists. They began to play, to harmonize all together, singing the same lyric again and again. And as I looked around in the dark, at his lazy silhouette and my fingers folded around a loose collection of papers, I realized we had been them too once, the boys and girls on the screens. We, too, had repeated the same words over and over in big houses, in empty fields. I laid back and shut my eyes, let their voices reconcile with my thoughts. Once again, I fall into my feminine ways. 


(an amazing article about this exhibit^  definitely worth a read )

March 28, 2016: « In Mexico, people wear hummingbird amulets around their necks to show they are searching for love. Here, people pretend that they aren’t. Searching. » – Missing Angel Juan, Francesca Lia Block

March 29, 2016: Some days I miss them all so much I can’t see straight.

IMG_1511.JPGIMG_1497.JPGIMG_1514.JPGfeat. Greg

April 1, 2016: “Nat, you should see this.” I stared at the photo. A boy I knew, there was no mistaking his tan skin, smiled dazedly back, a girl lodged under his arm on a bed. I stared at the date. January 24, 2016. It couldn’t be real. I checked again. Nothing had changed. January 24, 2016. I ran, then. Ran until the pavement swirled below my blackened shoes, until every breath was so sharp I thought I’d scream. 25th street blurred past. I ran past pharmacies and hospitals and hotels. 48th. Between women in cocktail dresses and men in ironed suits. 71st. I ran until the spinning thoughts in my head yielded to the stinging in my shins. And then, in an instant as brief as it was surreal, a soft calm spread through my body like warm water in a marble bath. This must be tranquility, I thought. Everything was suddenly so clear.

I thought back to the moment I handed the folded pile over to him. Remember thinking about all the things that had gone wrong, all the people I couldn’t be for him seemingly condensed into one strip of time, one handful of clothes. But I had been wrong that evening after all. It wasn’t anything I had done and I suppose I should be angry now, but all I feel is relief.

April 3, 2016: Some days I remember that you can’t miss people you never really knew.


Here, have some photos from one of the best nights ever.


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Have a beautiful week❤

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