Pleats and Plaid

Dear Reader,

Eeeee ok so the Fall/Winter 2014 RTW (Ready To Wear) shows have commenced! The clothes are so lovely, and I can’t tell you what an excellent time I just had maundering on about them. I present to you: the first part of my maunderings (yes I just made a verb that is not normally a noun a noun don’t worry about it).

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014 RTW


Do you remember that one time I wrote an article about overalls and a handful of people (including my mom) told me they were jumpsuit-like and uncool? Because I do. (linked here) And what do we have here? Overalls. In a New York Fashion Week show no less. And you can’t possibly tell me that these overalls are anything less of fabulous. I rest my case. And sidenote I very much enjoy the pleats.


There are so many (wonderful) things going on here, namely a charming plaid, a ginormous bow, and fancy socks. I admit that going to a uniform school has kind of ruined plaid for me; four years of the same itchy skirt gets old I promise. However, the preppy print has shown up all over the runways this season and has taken on a vintage, 80’s vibe which I am not complaining about. Moreover, I adore the oversized bow which adds an avant-garde, whimsical dimension to a suit otherwise modest in construction. And then the socks are a welcome and necessary mismatch. I will now coin the phrase: “Clashing socks are always a good addition to an outfit.”


Here, I am especially intrigued by the layered accordion pleats that fan out near the hem. They are ever so vintage and romantic. Then the mousy tweed sweater is a wonderful contrast to the crinkly, layered skirt. Although both pieces are the same color, their varied textures distinguish them as separates which I think is lovely. I also must talk about the turtle-neck capelet. I adore how it folds up on her right shoulder like a sculpture. She looks like a chic volcano.

XO, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

All photos from and I take no credit.

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  1. I love the first picture, with the baggy trousers which are just too cool for words. And I am totally with you on overalls. I wear them all the time and they are one of my favourite pieces of clothing.


  2. I am pleased to announce that you have been awarded the the Shauny Award for Blogging Excellence!🙂

    Here’s how you collect your prize.

    1) Follow the link:
    2) Copy and and paste the image into a post and make a list.
    3) Once posted then send a comment to the bloggers on your nominations list sharing the award.

    *Note I just followed the advice of the person who nominated us, since this is our first award.

    Warm Regards,


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