Rodarte Fall/Winter 2014 Review

Dear Reader,

I have always been a fan of the Rodarte sisters. Three years ago I went to their States of Matter exhibit in LA which was nothing short of exquisite. Their detailed couture dresses were especially awe-inspiring in person, so as you can imagine, I am rather envious of those who were present at this show.


This first look is so dainty and fairy-esque, and I can’t help but fall in love with the delicate beading on the top half. The model’s porcelain skin is nearly the same creamy color as the fabric and if it weren’t for the shimmery ribbons that drip down her shoulders, it would be difficult to discern where her arms stop and the dress begins. Downright lovely.


The three textures and prints here are so different, yet they work together so well. The warm hues of the turtleneck are accentuated by the tan blocks on the coat whose green blocks in turn bring out the emerald of the velvet skirt (which I will fawn over in a soon). Texture-wise, I love the shift from sumptuous fur to the thick wool (?) coat to the luxurious velvet. Now, as promised, I am going to fawn over the splendid skirt. I very much enjoy the elegant, Old-Hollywood feel it exudes. Also, it is undoubtedly soft and could probably double as a lavish blanket which is always a plus in my book.


To conclude part two of my fall/winter fashion show rants, I must talk about this dress. I have always been a fan of the off-the-shoulder sleeve as I feel it emanates carelessness and elegance (careless elegance I guess is what I am trying to say here). This dress is no exception. The model has an aloof, femme-fatale air about her that I like very much. Very Miss Scarlet-esque. I do hope that off-the-shoulder dresses/tops are an upcoming trend! Oh and those rhinestoned tights are to die for.

XO, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

P.S. Comment your favorite look

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  1. Oh my-LANTA! That coat in #2 is just. unreal. I need it.

    Also, I so very much respect the ladies of Rodarte. Glad to see people in their mid-teens have such phenomenal taste:) Keep it up, lady!


  2. I loved the first one… the intricacy of the beaded top is breathtaking along with the fluidity of the bottom. I also thought the 2nd look was quite smart (in terms of texture, again.)


  3. The Rodarte sisters are amazing. Did you see that New Yorker article about them a couple of years ago? You’d love! And all the images are gorgeous, but the middle one is a reason to invite winter back!
    It’s such fun to read your take on things. – good taste and good writing combined!


  4. You know, I don’t really enjoy supposedly “up and coming” fashion. The models are always too boring and the clothes too flashy or seemingly uncoordinated. But the first one is actually really wonderful. It’s simple and pretty. And I agree with your comment of it being “fairy-esque.”


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