This One’s For You McDonald’s Girl

Moschino Fall/Winter 2014 Review

Dear Reader,

I can always count on the Moschino show to make me smile. Once again, the brand has refused to take fashion too seriously (why should anyone? its for us to enjoy!) and whisked models down the runway in wonderfully garish and satirical attire. This year, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott drew inspiration from pop culture, plastering McDonald’s famous logo and Spongebob’s recognizable face all over the clothes. A lot of reviews claim the collection was tacky, but I don’t care. I like it; I think it was unexpected and sincere.


 I love this look. Although the model is sporting a McDonald’s worker’s uniform, wearing bulbous yellow earrings, and even a visor (gasp), she looks chic and coordinated. I like the obnoxious purse, too; it mimics the way advertisers blatantly broadcast their products. I think this look also draws attention to the people we overlook. Like it’s funny how nobody thinks twice about the girl at McDonalds who passes hamburgers out the scratched, drive-thru window until a poised, elegant model struts down a runway wearing the same uniform. I hereby dedicate this post to you McDonalds hamburger-hander-outer-girl.


In love with this polka-dotted coat. I mean come on. It is like a leopard coat but ironic. And the shoes are just ridiculous. But in a most wonderful sense you understand.

Also in this year’s collection were several dresses with recognizable food labels posted everywhere. My personal favorite is this Hershey’s chocolate one just because it reminds me of the unconventional Project Runway challenge (Season 4 Episode 6. Don’t worry, I am well aware that my PR obsession is horrifying) where the designers went to the Hershey’s store in Times Square and had to make a dress out of the materials there. But in all seriousness I also really like this dress because of the structured draping. Like how is it managing to stay in that twisted position? How is it not un-twisting? …..????


Here is yet another food-label-dress. Cheetos. Once again, I am very intrigued by the structure.


My question is how can a dress made of fabric obnoxiously advertising Cheezy Bits look so haute-couture. How. I demand an answer.


Behold. My favorite piece of the collection. A wedding dress tattooed with Nutrition Facts. The message I found here is both tragic and inspiring (ish?). Just that we need to remember calories are mere units of energy and that the number we consume daily is something society should place so much importance on. Such lovely social commentary. And so unexpected at a fashion show of all places. Also on another note, I would quite honestly consider wearing this dress at my wedding (hint hint Moschino designer Jeremy Scott hint hint).

XO, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

P.S. Comment your favorite look

P.P.S. Holy moly I woke up last Thursday morning and checked my blog and saw that I had hit 10,000 email followers. Aksjalfdjls I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of my readers; I am amazed and happy as a clam that so many people have decided to pay attention my fashion ramblings. XXXXXX much love

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  1. I love the wedding dress!🙂

    Imagine if the people working at Mcdonald’s have that uniform, with matching high-heeled shoes.🙂


  2. Since your posts that I scanned looked primarily about fashion, perhaps you could help me with something I have always wondered. Why do designers make such ridiculous “clothes”? Who would wear these? Who COULD wear these? I am always flabbergasted!


  3. I like the label dress. fitting its last because all of the foods that came before (if you read the label closely enough) wouldn’t necessarily be things that models or healthy people for that matter would be consuming too frequently. so the contrast, thin models wearing junk food. okay, where do they put it on that body???


  4. I am not into fashion that much but I enjoyed the topic of your post, It was quite fresh, some interesting insights on the way you look at all those designs, “My question is how can a dress made of fabric obnoxiously advertising Cheezy Bits look so haute-couture. How. I demand an answer.” good question that one was my fav one quite creative of that designer there and the theme aswell fashion by food labels. My very first read on fashion I guess and I must admit it was a good read, wonderful actually. (y)🙂 what made me read it the Title “This one’s for you mcdonalds girl” good one actually.


  5. Love the mix of iconic brands and fashion, especially the Cheetos and Chocolate. Thanks for sharing and interpreting these looks for us! and congratulations on 10K followers!


  6. you present some hard choices here. The Hershey’s dress is pretty cool. But I think the polka dots are the winner, even if the entire ensemble needs to be worn for proper effect. THOSE SHOES! Keep on writing.


  7. Jeremy Scott always seems to surprise, a very unconventional take on pret-a-porter, and I did adore the playful vibe of the catwalk itself, but I wouldn’t say this is my cup of tea, I prefer tradition and elegance, with a sultry nature of course, a bit like Dolce & Gabbana.


  8. These are fun fashions, and what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all, although I think sales may be rather low in those particular fabrics! It is a clever way to get noticed as it is difficult to do something different in the overblown fashion industry.


  9. Reblogged this on A Headband A Day and commented:
    I just discoverd this girl’s blog. I love this post and I hadn’t seen the Moschino line yet. I agree with what this girl is saying about it being wonderful social commentary. I love the Cheeto dress the best and the Nutrition Facts one is great too. How whimsical and fun.




  10. I like what I see on your blog. I wear polkadots a lot and headbands too. I have a ton of polkadotted dresses. I really like this post here. That cheeto dress is incredible. Check out my blog:


  11. Loved the Hershey dress! Also the nutrition label dress. Clever and pretty! I think this is the year of gowns. I especially loved the Zac Posen gowns (NY)…too bad we don’t all have occasion to wear them! Beautiful! Always enjoy your commentary and seeing fashion I would not ordinarily see.🙂


  12. I’m torn about this collection. On the one hand, it reminds me of one of the more outlandish challenges on Project Runway, but at the same time, it is a fun collection. I agree with you completely about the wedding dress. It is very though provoking, and very relevant, considering how many brides prepare for their wedding by starving themselves.


  13. I totally agree with your post…this collection was outlandish but left me utterly unable to look away! My fave was the Nutritional label dress also….the structure…the fabric…just lovely! Great post! 🙂 and congrats on hitting the 10K mark, so awesome!! Cortneybre…


  14. Congrats on the follows! And is anyone else thinking of some killer Halloween costumes after this collection? I wonder if Moschino was making a statement about all the uproar on the low wages Fast food workers endure? That would be interesting.


  15. This is what I call art😀 The dresses look excellent, in a different way of course😀 I can’t decide which one I like best, but I loved the Hershey’s dress and the spongebob jacket😀


  16. I really like these! They bring something that hasn’t been done in a while- its fun! You may not see it being worn (although it would be great to see McDonald staff rocking up with this as a new uniform hahaa)
    Great post!


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