Oh So Retro

Gucci Fall/Winter 2014

Dear Reader,

By now, you know that I can’t resist fluffy coats or retro sunglasses. So, obviously, I very much appreciated the Gucci Fall/Winter 2014 show.




I am not always the biggest fan of monochromatic outfits because they can be boring if not properly executed. However, this look is an exception. Mainly because of the lovely pile-up of textures. I actually think the head-to-toe dusty rose coloring is genius because it forces the audience to observe and admire the different layers. Like the sumptuous fur, the matte suit, and the silky blouse. Ugh I want everything this model is wearing.


Please enjoy this zoomed-in image of the retro shades and ruffled collar.


I am so jealous of this model. She looks like she is being enveloped by a cloud of cotton candy and everything fluffy. And on a non-fashion-related note her haircut is fantastic. I aspire to pull off the tousled bob some day.


This look is, as my french host sister would say in her crisp accent, “très classe.” From the tailored peacoat to the creased pants to the floppy bag, it truly is the definition of “classe.” The color palette is also very easy on the eyes. If you learn one fashion tidbit from my blog, I hope it is that pastels are always lovely. Always.


And, of course, I need to discuss this LBD. Because it is especially delightful. I am in love with all the subtle accents like the detailing on the shoulders, the waist cut-outs, and the leather collar. The belt is also tasteful and slimming. Plus, if you look closely, the (fantastic) snakeskin boots have matching metal attachments on the front. Snaps to Gucci for being coherent.

XO, The Girl in the Little Black Dress

P.S. My apologies for not writing in forever. Not to make excuses but schoooollschoolschoolschool (I’m so sorry).

P.P.S. Comment your favorite look.

All photos from Vogue.com and I take no credit.

36 responses

  1. the LBD is definitely my favourite – i also have to agree that the tousled bob is by far one of the greates hairstyles! xx


  2. I adore all of the pieces but most of all the great boots…love them!!! your first furry little Jacket, and I guess the second is a dup…llove the glasses …just gorgeous..love your site…Sorry haven’t been here for so long..I think you understand..lSherri


  3. oooohhh I love the last one, that black dress is amazing!!
    I would wear the heck out of it.

    I loved your blog so you just gain another follower!


  4. That pink fluffy number brings out the six year old me – love it! I have a similar coat in grey and people stop me in the street to ask where it’s from (a mere £80 at River Island!)


  5. I love that black dress at the end. If I had the figure and, most importantly, the arms to pull it off, I would totally wear it. I like to think that is my skinny style.


  6. My word I love that pea coat! It’s a paradox how it’s such a simple form but it remains impeccably tailored–ugh!–everything I love! I was about to say–the pastels are lovely at all times! I’ve personally never seen the point in discarding them during fall and winter😉
    cheers xo!


  7. Love the cotton candy. Hate the LBD (mostly on principal: If I had my way black would be banned from all wardrobes unless by specific and individual Colour Analysists’ invitation). Rather like the snakeskin boots but bet they don’t come in extra-wide calves though…. Thanks for the post. Enjoyed. Now get back to those books, girl!


  8. Never wear pastels, they don’t suit me. I mostly wear purple or blue-red and since I’m now the ripe old age of 66, I get to wear what I like although I still enjoy fashion, but I make my own!


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