All around the MoMA (New York Museum of Modern Art) are these wooden blinds which create the most distinct little shadows on the floors/walls. I actually ended up taking more photos of filtered light in there than of the art. I don’t want to bore you with all of them, but here are just a few of the ones that turned out best.


Instagram user @smoothliminal commented on my post of this photo saying these shadows ^ looked like bones and I quite agree.

IMG_1753.JPGIMG_1778.JPGIMG_1765.JPGFullSizeRender-5.jpgIMG_1762.JPGIMG_1754.JPGIMG_1736 2.JPGIMG_1717.JPGIMG_1651.JPGIMG_1649 (1).jpgIMG_1650.JPG

^if you live in New York, I highly recommend the Vine’s mint ginger lemonade and black cherry gelato.

Also while I’m making food suggestions a good friend from high school came to visit me in the city and introduced me to the most amazing, adorable cupcake shop. If you’re ever in the city, you must stop at Magnolia Bakery it is truly the real deal.

Dear Reader,

I have so many things to tell you. First of all, I have created a new page on my blog called Music Forum. This was inspired a reader who commented on one of my posts recommending that I watch the music video for Australia by the Shins. I did, and have been playing it on repeat for several days now. I’ve been a fan of their music for years, but never got around to watching their videos which are all so great. This particular one is quite the day brightener please go watch it when you finish reading this. But anyways, I’ll be posting songs from my current playlists on that page, and I encourage you to comment music suggestions, links to good music videos, screenshots of playlists, etc. Music is such an important part of my life and I don’t feel like my blog reflects that enough. And I am always always open to music suggestions I read through your comments every day and will be sure to check out the songs. And I will add suggestions I enjoy to the next playlist!

In other (not so new) news, I spent another afternoon in a museum. I had a meeting on the Upper East Side again at the ever lovely Bluestone Café and then headed over to the MoMA. There was this new exhibit that I loved so much ~ ^ all the photos of people closing/opening windows. For the longest time, this blog has focused mainly on writing and fashion, and I plan on continuing to post about both of those things, but I also want to start posting more frequently ~ hopefully twice/three times a week once summer arrives ~ about music/art/films/photography. All these things play such huge roles in my life and I don’t write/post nearly enough about them. So prepare yourself for more posts like these.

And finally, some very exciting news: I’ve been working with I’m In Marketing over the past few months to create an app for this blog, and we just completed the Android version. The iPhone app is still in the works, but if you have an Android and want to keep up with this blog in a more mobile way, give the app a download! You’ll get push notifications from yours truly, a forum where I’ll be more accessible than via email, and access to all of my posts/photos. Updates coming soon regarding the iPhone version 🙂 Previews and download link below:

Click To Download! ❤


Capture d’écran 2016-03-13 à 22.02.00Capture d’écran 2016-03-13 à 22.02.14

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XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress


82 responses

  1. Party of 9 will be there in October staying at casa muy grande on Playa Grande. Daughter is getting married on the beach. Husband has not been there and he is anlsouixy counting down the days! Want to eat at Happy Snapper a few times. Love that place. Pura Vida!


  2. Natalie , your blog ….. woah ! This post was nothing like I expected …enjoyed the tour of MoMA thanks to your awesome photos (hope to see it in person someday ) and will be definitely checking out The Shins . More power to you !


  3. Such an inspiration. I can only really speak for myself, but I think you’re living the life that so many artistic girls aspire to. I love how you capitalize your time in the city and are constantly seeking out beauty and inspiration. One day I hope to live in New York and be able to appreciate it in the same way.


  4. I was going to sleep but then I started reading your posts.. Love them very much, glad I’m following you now so I won’t miss a thing. You’re just beautiful! Much love. 💕


  5. Just beautiful. A clip of the world today. I especially loved the baking…the flower in the desert. Lovely. This could be a message saying, “Beauty can be made and art is where you find it.”



  6. You have a lovely set of beautiful images. It gets a little long until you get to the text, but it’s a journey on it’s own.
    Happy writing, as pictures are worth a thousand words. -Author S


  7. I actually have the Magnolia Bakery cookbook, so I can make their delicious cupcakes right in my own home 🙂 Of course, it would probably be more fun to actually go there….maybe one day!


  8. Love your blog!! This makes me realize how much I gotta need to improve!

    Drop some feedback, would mean a lot – 🙂


  9. I enjoy your narrative about visiting MoMA. I like going there. Interesting to me to hear about other spots in NYC. And about adding subjects (such as museum experiences) to fashion and other topics you already cover?–I applaud the fuller engagement of your work.

    The photos of blinds are appealing.


  10. I’ve never been to New York. Its my dream to visit New York. I love art and I love your pics of the museum. Nice job and fun pics!


  11. I just taken some time out to look through your blog and enjoyed your sincerity with which you write. Great photo selection too, especially of MoMa’s light and shadows exibit. Your sharing these make it possible for me to enjoy, even though I’m oceans away.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Omg, I remember going to MoMa and seeing that “The Days of This Society is Numbered” portrait too! Did you happen to enter the gallery where there was a wall dedicated to a woman who had photographed herself from the day she was born up until she was an adult?

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Hey there! I just wanted to say that from looking through your blog, I can tell that you’re really committed to your work here and that you love that you do. The Music Forum’s a particularly good idea for allowing your community to come together.

    Overall, well done! Keep up the good work! And have a nice day.


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