California ~ A Study

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Dear Reader,

If you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time, you likely know my opinion on California is not very favorable. That being said, I am here until I leave for France (next week!!) and have been trying my hardest to see the best in everything. In a turn of events, I have succeeded to an extent thanks to my newfound addiction to film photography. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks taking pictures of things I find beautiful here (feat. my incredible friend and muse Shawn/love for neon signs). I hope you find them beautiful too.

And in other news, I posted a new playlist to the Music Forum last night ~ as always, music suggestions are very, very welcome!!

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XX, The Girl in the Little Black Dress


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  1. You may be surprised that I actually love large portions of California–mostly the countryside and desert and seacoast–the rocky places like Big Sur. CA contains some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I have been to Asia, Africa, lots of places. I am sorry you find it so unpleasant. I will admit I dislike all large cities, well, cities in general so except for airports to get to places, I tend to avoid them.

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  2. I’ve checked out your blog, and it is impressive! You are so talented. I look forward to seeing your playlists and sharing some of my recommendations with you, too. I lived in NoCal in the 70’s (yes, I’m that old!) and I loved it then, but when I visited there in 2008, I was really disappointed with much of the scene. Ruined by too many people and too much wealth and gentrification. But there are always aspects of anywhere that are good, so I’m glad you are seeing positive things there. Have fun in France!

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  4. Hi! I really like your blog! 🙂 I just started out and looking for new blogs to follow! and yours is one of them! Would you might checking out my blog and giving me a follow back maybe? 🙂 Greetings, Charlie! 🙂

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  5. I live two lives. One life is the life of the face, or the façade. This is the front which everyone sees. The man they think they know. The husband, the father, the friend, the boss, the son. The other life is the life of the soul. This is the dark and hidden life of secrets, sorrow and shame. This is no real life, for in place of my soul is nothing, a great empty space. In truth, I am pure façade. A great illusion. I am nothing. And soon, very soon, proof will arrive. I will barely ever have been and what I have been, will fold away into the night like the shadows of spectres on the verges of infinity. There is no this and there is no that. I am shapeless and formless in the sanctity of time. I came, I was, I ended before the time of the anomaly. And yet I lived through it, and will do again in the endless repetition of the bottomless dreams which fell, free of substance, to the deepest depths of delirium and despair.
    I see what I was never meant to see in the dangerous dark void of descending voices, crying, imploring, coaxing the weak into delusions of desire and fulfilment. I see that nobody is ever coming to help me; I see that there is no-one who could conceivably come. I am adrift in my own imagination, locked into a slow drifting orbit in a kind of negative, furling space of masterful illusion and control.
    There are no sounds this far out, at these deep inner reaches of cosmic fury, not even the silence of my own thoughts. All is still. All is beautiful. All is dead as it lives, slowly, quickly in the spirals of disbelief and rejection. Silence prevails through every golden murmur; I am the fading whisper of enveloping peace. I am done.

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  6. hi Shawn !!!!!!

    your photos are beautiful as always. I’m really into the one of the movie theatre sign because I’m biased and also the one of the flower (the third one) as well as the fences! I have a question for you and it’s: do you have something in particular you like to photograph? Like doors or pastries or flowers? Everyone has their thing (tu sais le mien)

    This post made me happy also because I know how you feel about California and wow I’m just so relieved and proud of you

    🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 as always

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  7. Beautiful photos! My husband and I are living a year in California and our opinions aren’t that great either, but like you we are making the best of it. It’s not a bad place to get photos either. 😉

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  8. I am sorry you’re not huge fan of California. As a native I can honestly say I know where you’re coming from. It’s taking me up till my twenties to love it and appreciate it, but I spend most of my teens trying to find a way out. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time here. You’re images are lovely. 🙂

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