Amsterdam Digitals

IMG_0152 2.JPG

IMG_0130 2.JPG

IMG_0131 2.JPG

IMG_0132 2.JPG

IMG_0149 2.JPG

IMG_0146 2.JPG

IMG_0156 2.JPG

IMG_0145 2.JPG

IMG_0142 2.JPG

IMG_0133 2.JPG

IMG_0138 2.JPG

IMG_0150 2.JPG

IMG_0137 2.JPG

IMG_0127 2.JPG

IMG_0129 2.JPG

IMG_0140 2.JPG

IMG_0154 2.JPG

IMG_0157 2.JPG

IMG_0148 2.JPG

IMG_0147 2.JPG

Modern Contemporary Museum (MOCO), Amsterdam

IMG_0144 2.JPG

IMG_0158 2.JPG

Tulip Market, Saturday

IMG_0139 2.JPG

IMG_0151 2.JPG

Sunflowers outside the Van Gogh Museum

IMG_0134 2.JPG

IMG_0153 2.JPG

All of the above are digital photos that I took from a weekend in Amsterdam, one of the most incredible, beautiful places I have been. I’ll post my film shots at a later date/time so stay around friends.

A new playlist is up on my Music Forum check it out if you’re into The Smiths (featured heavily this week bc I have reverted back into my 10th grade self apparently) and as always, feel free to comment music suggestions! I listen to everything you ppl recommend!

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XX, Natalie


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  1. really beautiful photoes! I really loved the way you told your trip only with the use of photography! I am into photography too, if you like check my profile!
    P.S. : I loved our playlist about The Smith, I think the atmosphere they create is amazing!

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