35 mm

some film photos from this summer, fall and winter I never posted ~ mostly experimental shots bc I’m new to film ok so be nice to me


a basement, paris


the eiffel tower, july 14


12:00, the orsay



paris metro ride, sunset


cody + my fingers


asleep on the train to amsterdam


grainy red light district, amsterdam

IMG_1617 5.JPG

prayer candles, venice


burano, italy


a man and his pigeon friends, venice


chelsea, early fall


october 10, 2016


october 14, 2016


soho, october 24


november 9, 2016

IMG_1582 5.JPG

dreamlands exhibit, the whitney


chelsea, early winter


maria’s roses and our window, early morning


me, dreamlands


fuji + light leak, november 25


central park, early winter



midtown, early winter


natalie, central park



mostly shot with a Minolta SR-T 101, 35 mm film, some disposable, a couple digital

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I also wanted to write a brief, mushy thank you to anyone who read and or left a kind comment on my most recent post about depression. It was a very difficult thing to post, and the support was overwhelming. I am so lucky to have this platform and so so many incredible, intelligent people who care about what I have to say. I’m about halfway done replying to every comment and email I have received in the past week so bear with me ~ I will get to every one I promise. Thank you thank you thank you, so much.

Wishing everyone happy holidays and a very happy 2017 !

~ Natalie

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52 responses

  1. I’ve shot up to 4X5, but when I was still using film, the vast majority was 35mm. Now, it’s all digital for the simple reason of cost, plus permanence and accessibility. (I’ve scanned/digitized thousands of slides and negatives, but a very important box of negatives is missing, and I grieve the loss.) May my words bless you, and may your words and images inspire many.


  2. A lovely sense of place in these photos. Places where I’ll never be and faces I’ll never know. But I’m better for having seen them. Thanks for that. You have a good eye for pictures.

    And you are luckier than you know. It may not always feel like it, but you are. Its the damnedest thing, but sometimes we are the last to know.


  3. These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! You have phenomenal talent, wishing you a happy and healthy new year!
    – Elen x


  4. Good for you to use film. It is becoming a lost art. Thank you for sharing! I hope I commented on your post re depression…you will be in my prayers. I am diagnosed as well. I sometimes write about it on my blog with my rambling walk of faith! If you like b/w, Google Clyde Butcher who lives very very near the Everglades.

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  5. What’s the thing that attracts you to film? Do you develop yourself? Is it the inevitability of the image? It seems with some photoshopping you could recreate the style (noise and color balancing for example) but that of course isn’t as pure as the real thing.

    For me, photography became interesting exactly when it became digitally more or less equivalent to analogue. 😉

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