February Photo Diary


‘ “God must be a season, grandma said, looking out at the blizzard drowning her garden.

Dear god, if you are a season, let it be the one I passed through to get here.

Here. That’s all I wanted to be.

I promise. ‘

Night Sky With Exit Wounds, Ocean Vuong

I’m experimenting with some new stuff on here ~ going to start posting monthly photo diaries as well as random thoughts I’ve written down. Hopefully you enjoy!







January 31, 2017 ~ A Black Lives Matter Art Show at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn

February 4, 2017: I stash a bouquet of green willow behind your ear. I am so tired of reading you my writing; none of it seems to mean a thing anymore. And when October comes, you will go and all the country will become an orchard.




February 9, 2017 ~ all taken at the Rag + Bone Fashion Week Show

February 11, 2017: I was quiet and shy then, just as I am quiet and shy now. You looked like you wanted to say something to me, maybe, or not, but something, and I did too; I wanted to say something.




February 15, 2017 ~ Gemy Maalouf Fashion Week Show, The Bowery Hotel

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February 20, 2017 ~ Thinking about what Lizzie said to me today

Compassion is not a human right, or something that other people owe us; it is a miracle.” 

.      .      .

And finally, I’m so very excited to annouce I’ll be launching a webinar with tips on how to grow a website.

I get about 5-10 emails per day from readers (not an exaggeration) who want to know how to to acquire a following online. If I haven’t responded to you (which I probably haven’t and I’m very sorry about), it is honestly because the answer is not short enough to write in an email.

And so I have decided to launch a webinar where I’ll be uploading organized, helpful blogging tips to help out anyone just starting a blog or hoping to boost their stats. 


Much love,



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  1. I’m not sure how to leave a comment for a particular post. However, keep up your good work. I love the large images that look as if they are mounted in an art gallery of some sort. Where is that located?

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