Journal Entries, Winter


I scanned a couple pages from my journal that weren’t too ramble-y. I  really have no idea if anyone will understand any of this, but it all makes a lot of sense to me ~ let me know in the comments if you’d like me to post more because I spend so much time writing in this thing but I never really post any of it.

Much love,


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  1. The part where you said ‘you know i hate parties and bring me to them anyway, the quiet irritation makes me sick’…just what i want to scream out from bottom of my heart!!! Thank you. Its beautiful. All of it.


  2. Your writing is a journey through time. The words written by pen are you, caught on paper, small collisions of reality with fantasy, marking all things you find important, but always powerful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Yes, please post more! I journal by hand often as well, and never thought of scanning images. There’s something refreshing and authentic seeing it handwritten with other scrapbooking type items.

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  4. If a journal can be sexy, then this would be its definition…

    if i could make journals this well…

    I probably wouldnt lose/forget so many things xD

    Also your handwriting looks like beautiful typography


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  5. “I was quiet and shy then, just as I am quiet and shy now.” Could easily be the intro to a first person female POV of a Gatsby-esque novel. Write the rest of it like a Wyeth watercolor. Put some soft focus on the lens of your imagination’s camera. If you’re reading Virginia Woolf you understand her concepts of arrangement and phrasing. Get out of the journal and write it. Friendly nudge, no big deal.

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  6. “I want so badly to believe in God” is something I’ve said to myself so many times before too! I’m officially a Catholic, but hearing mass/doing religious stuff has never really been part of our family traditions (my mother’s more the quiet praying solo type, if that makes sense). Funny thing is, the logical part of me believes there is no god whatsoever, but my emotional side just wants to believe that there’s at least something/someone out there. Guess I just don’t want to feel too alone!

    (Sorry for the long comment. Maybe I should write my own entry about it, hee.)

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  7. “It always feels like Christmas until it is, Christmas.” Brilliant. I would have likely placed a comma after the first Christmas and thereby, failed. Love the lively, ad hoc, composition of your journals… thank you for sharing.

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  8. I adore this and you’ve inspired me to incorporate some of my photographs and polaroids into my journal as well absolutely post more. All the time. I love your writing.

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  9. I enjoy your writings! I am the same exact way I spend a lot of time in writing but don’t post any of it. Sometimes it’s good for just us to keep our writing mind alive, active, and fresh! And other times, like the post you shared, it is worth sharing because it just inspire someone else… like me!!


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  10. Journal are physical artifacts that can combine the visual arts with the written word. Yours do that beautifully. Thank you for sharing! What is your favorite type of journal to write in? I’m writing a post on different types of journals right now!

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