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Happy National Poetry Month ~ this past summer in Paris I fell so in love with reading + writing poetry. I wrote this a couple weeks ago, and hope you enjoy. Come find me at the Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival ~ I’ve been selected to read!

Much love,


More of my writing + poetry here

P.S. Comment your favorite poet; always looking for new things to read :~)

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  1. Hmm. Wow. It reveals so very very much and, yet, leaves so much to the imagination.

    I really loved the way you delivered the imagery. It was seamless and so conversational.

    Also, a trip thing about this poem, it doesn’t remind me someone in the sense that I was with someone that was like the person described in the piece. But, it does remind me of my former lover in the sense that, that is what she thought about me lol. She totally used to say things like that about me.

    This piece is excellent. Thank you so much for sharing your artistry with us.

    One Love,
    The Stormy Poet


  2. Love that poem. Great set up for it too, I almost looked for the second column. I’ve always been a fan of Uncle Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. Have you read “Not Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Jennifer Micheal Hecht. It is a great spin of Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on Snowy Evening.”


  3. WOW! This poem was such a great journey! Really, it made me laugh and then feel very sorry for them (for being boring and all). Also, it is very visual and by the end I could even smell the half-peeled mandarin. Very refreshing and honest words.
    I love poetry but I don’t usually read it (I’m trying to lately) and would love to know some of your favorite poems. And which poets would you consider as inspirations?


  4. you have me laughing out loud..aint it the truth…you’re so boring that when I ask you a question, you answer it..HAAAA you make not attempt to soften with like, you’re a great guy, but… this is great and right on target

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  6. I’ve been reading Adam O’Riordan recently. He caught my eye as he is from my city of Manchester. And there’s always my debut collection Heading North if you’re interested 🙂

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