Photos my dad took during his gap year in college, 1975 (Part 1 of 3)



Top two taken in the US, all the rest taken in Europe











XX, Natalie


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  1. 1975 was high school graduation year for me, but being part of the post-hippie, post-Vietnam war generation, I didn’t necessarily acknowledge the event as a big milestone. I didn’t attend prom, buy the yearbook, or even go to my graduation ceremony. Is that sad?

    My daughter is now in that same place, and I almost wish she would consider a gap year before going off to college. It is a lot to ask to forge a clear path to your future when so many things, inside and out, are yet to be revealed.

    I can see the similarities between your photos and these photos from your father; it’s comforting to know you shared some of the same vision, don’t you think?


  2. 1975 is like some other planet. I was there, just nine years old, and it really does seem a far-off, other world, looking back. This is such a different world now, it almost feels like 1975 was real and all this now is science fiction. We had b&w televisions with just three channels that all closed down before midnight, playing the national anthem every night. Thanks for making me remember.

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