What’s In My Beach Bag

//  1  ~  Camelbak of ice water  //  2  ~  Palo Alto by James Franco  //  3  ~ tangled Apple headphones (plus iPhone not pictured)  // 4  ~ vintage Rokit sunglasses // 5  ~  All Good sunscreen  // 6  ~ Kind granola bars  // 7  ~ EOS lemon chapstick  // 8  ~  Pottery Barn towel  //

Dear Reader,

This is a bit of a follow up to my latest post  which featured a Pink Slip Boutique floral romper and striped tote. After taking pictures for that post, I headed over to the beach to celebrate my first day of summer. The tote was the perfect size to fit my towel and everything  (it’s usually a struggle for me to find a bag that can accommodate all my beach necessities), and I seriously recommend you invest in one.

Also, just a reminder that if you do take a peek on the Pink Slip site and pick anything out, you can enter NataliePSB as a discount code at checkout and get 10% off! (This is good until next Sunday so take advantage for sure!)

XX, Natalie

P.S. Comment what you take to the beach.

* Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Pink Slip Boutique  *

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